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I am currently an undergrad student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. My major is Biology with an emphasis in biomedical concentration, and I hope to one day pursue my goal to become a physician assistant. I grew up in Muskego, Wisconsin, a small suburb of Milwaukee. This is where I went to high school and where I actually first heard of the Daphnia in my AP Biology class. My teacher had a lot of enthusiasm about this creature and easily persuaded me it was far from boring


This website was designed as an assignment for my organismal biology class here at UWL. As we were given many options as to which organisms we could pick from, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the Daphnia. I knew I was interested in the creature in high school, and was very eager to learn more about the interesting little water flea and share with my gathered knowledge.


As you all cruise through my website, I hope you take the time to thoroughly appreciate the Daphnia pulex as it has many interesting features to offer!

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