HabitatBufflehead Range Map

Buffleheads are migratory birds found in small flocks.  During the breeding season, which is in the summer, they can be found in the boreal forest areas and aspen parklands of North America.  Ponds or small lakes that do not contain a lot of emergent or submergent vegetation usually dominate their breeding habitat.  For nests, buffleheads use the abandoned holes in trees from the woodpecker called the Northern Flicker, Colaptes auratus .  Their breeding habitat is limited by this necessity.   The trees they nest in are usually poplar or aspen trees. 
Image found at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:René-Levasseur_island.JPG

For the winter, buffleheads migrate down to the ocean coastlines.  They will try to stay in shallow waters, secluded coves, harbors, estuaries, or along beaches, and they  will avoid open coastlines.  Since buffleheads are awkward walking but are great swimmers, they are found mostly in the water and are rarely seen on land.


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