Adiantum pedatum



Ferns reproduce using spores which are located on the underside of the leaves. The spores germinate and grow into a haploid gametophyte. It then grows into a mature gametophyte, resembling a heart. The antheridia (sperm) and archegonia (eggs) grow on the underside of the gametophyte. Water is needed for reproduction, which a unique feature for this fern. After fertilization, a diploid zygote is produced, which will then turn into a new plant.

New plants bloom in the summer and have an active growth in the spring and summer. High fruit/ seed abundance for the fern starts in the summer and ends in the fall.


This is a picture of a fiddlehead of the Maidenhair Fern. It is a young frond growing in the spring time.

Below is a picture of the fern life cycle.                            










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