Adiantum pedatum

Adaptation/ Description


Description: The maidenhair fern is a unique and beautiful fern. Its fronds are finger-like giving it its other common name, the five- fingered fern. The fronds are supported by stems which are a dark brown or black color. The stems are thin, and the plant as a whole looks delicate. But don't be fooled by its appearance, this fern is tough, surviving in all types of environments from southern states all the way to Alaska.

Here are a couple links to youtube videos regarding Maidenhair where you can get a great look at this plant

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Adaptations: One adaptation the Maidenhair fern has accomplished is that it can grow in medium and coarse        textured soils. One great thing that ferns evolved to have is they outer epidermis layer which helps the plant from  drying out. Another adaptation it has is its spores, for reproduction. They are on the underside on the frond, giving them protection. The plants roots are also a great adaptation because it enables the plant to grow long roots to obtain water and nutrients from the soil, which then enter the vascular system, yet another adaptation. The leaves of the plant were a great addition that enabled land plants to survive also. The leaves help greatly with photosynthesis.

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