Adiantum pedatum

Ferns are a great addition to any garden and while researching I found some great tips for anyone who is interested in adding the Maidenhair Fern to his or her garden. First of all, there are a few likes and dislikes of the fern. Some things they like are,
protection from high winds, enough space to grow to mature size, an undisturbed root environment, and filtered sun/shade. The Maidenhair Fern enjoys an environment with shade a majority of the time. In the summer it requires shade about 70% of the time. A few rays for a part of the day is required and wanted as well. Some things that the fern does not want are strong sunlight, high winds, and dryness at
the root-zone. This plant likes a moist and humid environment.
 Overall, this plant is one that comes to mind first when thinking of a shade plant. Watering can be tricky, because too much or too little can harm the plant. You can tell if you are over watering it by the roots if the ends are black. Ferns don't store nutrients well, so having a good fertilizer is key also in growing. Another great thing about this fern is that it is a moderately easy plant to grow and care for. When having the plant indoors, keep it in a place where the temperature and humidity will be relatively the same at all times. A place like a bathroom is a bad spot because of the constant changing when showers are taken. You can get more advice about growing from many websites, including this one ----->  Growing Maidenhairs

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