How Does it Get Along with Others?

Image of a spotted owl. Found at:     The Barred Owl’s relationship with its cousin, the Spotted Owl causes much concern to scientists. Since the Barred Owl has expanded it has displaced the spotted owl, sometimes even killing it. This displacement is being caused in the Northwestern part of North America.            
    The only enemy of the Barred Owl is the great horned owl. The Great Horned Owl consumes a wide variety of vertebrates and since they occupy most of North America, they can cross paths with the Barred Owl.
     The barred owl is a tertiary consumer. Being a tertiary consumer means that they eat other carnivores, but still have the possibility of being eaten by another carnivore. As for interactions with humans, the Barred Owl usually stays away from humans, unless it is unable to. Humans are normally the cause of premature death for Barred Owls. These deaths can be caused by shooting or being ran over by cars. Barred Owls can live in environments cohabited by humans, but prefer to live in more isolated forests.  To review the habitat of a Barred Owl, click here.