Where Does the Barred Owl Live?

The Barred Owl’s habitat is the North American continent. Within the continent, the owl has a very flexible habitat. It lives in woodlands and wooded swamps. It can reside in many environments from urban trees to deserted forests. In the barred owl’s habitat there are manymap of barred owl population count in the United States, found at: http://www.mbr-pwrc.usgs.gov/id/framlst/i3680id.html other kinds of organisms that typically live in forests. These animals include a white tail deer (which can be infected by a tick), and a coyote, to name a few. This flexibility has allowed the barred owl to expand its habitat outside of the Great Plains. They now occupy the eastern half of the United States, a small area of central Mexico, and the Pacific Northwest. Owls do not live in large groups. They tend to spread out and have only a few in an area. The barred owl fits into its niche by being flexible. It is high on the food chain, and keeps smaller animal populations balanced. It is able to live in many environments and adapts to its surroundings.