About Me!

My name is Meghan Fenske, and I am currently a Freshman at UW-LaCrosse.  I am a Biology Pre-Medicine major with the hopes of someday becoming a Dermatologist!  Some things that I enjoy are swimming, fishing, shooting archery, shopping, and playing and watching sports such as volleyball, basketball and football. I also enjoy spending as much time as I can in the wonderful outdoors all year round!  This webpage was created for my Organismal Biology class with Professor Sandland. I chose Spirogyra Longata as my organism because I didn't know much about it, and was interested in finding out more about it structure and reproduction.  I think that others should be interested in this organism too because it contributes greatly to our local bodies of water ecosystems and creates generous amounts of oxygen for us to breathe! Thank you for reading!


Questions? You can reach me here: fenske.megh@students.uwlax.edu

There are also lots of other interesting organisms at: www.multipleorganisms.net   

University of Wisconsin LaCrosse website: www.uwlax.edu