Aquarium. Photo courtesy of WikiCommons.

Most of the Pulmonates inhabit freshwater environments, such as ponds, lakes, streams and rivers, but they are commonly known to call fish tanks and aquariums home.
    In our local environment here in La Crosse, WI you can find these creatures, not only in aquariums, but also down in Myrick marsh, a portion of the Mississippi River floodplain in La Crosse. I ventured down to this beautiful aquatic ecosystem to find some of these organisms. Along with Ramshorn snails, I encountered muskrats, painted turtles, and many other interesting plants and animals.
    Pulmonates, such as our friend the Ramshorn snail, are able to thrive in less stable environments thanks to special adaptations such as the ability to hibernate during periods of cold, and aestivate during periods of drought.

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