Photo of a Trillium used with permission from Thomas G. Barnes @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database at

Where can you find the Trillium?

The Trillium can be found in many parts of North America; in the forests stretching from Quebec through Minnesota to the higher elevations of the mountains of Alabama and Georgia. 

The presence of the Trillium is indicated with green coloring on the maps.  

Trillium location in North America

Specifically, in Wisconsin, the Trillium can be found in almost any county:

Map of Trillium location in Wisconsin

 This plant grows best in partial shade with moderate moisture.  They usually can be found at the base of a tree.  The soil is preferably nutrient rich due to a thick layer of decomposing leaves. They can be found as a solitary plant but are usually found in clumps or even carpeting the forest floor.   The soil usually has a neutral to slightly acidic pH (6.5-7).  Cold winters are required for the Trillium to maintain its life cycle and, therefore the possible locations of Trillium growth are limited. 

photo of a Trillium used with permisson from the United States Department of Agriculture at

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