The way the classification are placed here are as they currently understood and placed into their various phyla, classes, orders, and families.

    Diatoms are Eukaryotic and belong to the Kingdom protista. They further belong to the super group Chromalveolata and are grouped into the Strameopiles as the lineage Diatoms.  They then form two phyla, Bacillariophyta and Chrysophyta. They are then divided into 2 orders in each phyla. Then there are several suborders under each order. Then this is followed by numerous families and subfamilies.found at

    Diatoms are organized into the different orders if they are Pennales (linear symmetry) or Centrales (radial symmetry). They are further divided into their suborders and families by other features of their frustules (pores, spikes, ect.) and by their environment (aquatic, terrestrial, arctic, tropical, ect.). (More on the frustules go to facts)



Domain: Eukarya
     Kingdom: Protista
        1)    Phylum: Bacillariophytafound at
            a)     Class: Diatomatae
                i)       Order: Centrales
                    (1) Suborder: Discineae
                        (a)  Family: Coscinodiscaceae
                        (b) Family: Actnodiscaceae
                        (c)  Family: Eupodiscaceae
                    (2) Suborder: Soleniineae
                        (a)  Family: Soleniaceae
                    (3) Suborder:Biddulphiineae
                        (a)  Family: Chaetoceraceae
                        (b) Family: Biddulphiaceae
                        (c)  Family: Anaulaceae
                        (d) Family: Euodiaceae
                ii)    Order: Pennales
                    (1) Suborder: Araphidineae
                        (a)  Family: Fragilariaceae
                    (2) Suborder: Raphidiodineae
                        (a)  Family: Eunotiaceae
                    (3) Suborder: Monoraphidineae
                        (a)  Family:Achnanthaceae
                    (4) Suborder: Biraphidineae
                        (a)  Family: Naviculaceae
                        (b) Family: Epthemiaceaefound at
                        (c)  Family: Nitzschiaceae
                        (d) Family: Surirellaceae
        2)    Phylum: Chrysophyta
            a)    Class: Bacillariophyceae
                i)   Order: Bacillariales
                    (1) Suborder: Coscinodiscineae
                        (a)  Family: Cosinodiscaceae
                        (b) Family: Hemidiscaceae
                        (c)  Family: Actinodicaceae
                    (2) Suborder: Aulacodiscineae
                        (a)  Family: Eupodiscaceae
                    (3) Suborder: Auliscineae
                        (a)  Family: Auliscaceae
                    (4) Suborder: Biddulphineae
                        (a)  Family: Biddulphiaceae
                        (b) Family: Anaulaceae
                        (c)  Family: Chaetoceraceae
                    (5) Suborder: Rhizosoleniineaefound at
                        (a)  Family: Bacteriastraceae
                        (b) Family: Leptocylindraceae
                        (c)  Family: Corethranaceae
                        (d) Family: Rhizosoleniaceae
                    (6) Suborder: Fragilariineae
                        (a)  Family: Fragilariaceae
                    (7) Suborder: Eunotiineae
                        (a)  Family: Eunotiaceae
                    (8) Suborder: Achnanthineae
                        (a)  Family: Achnanthaceae
                    (9) Suborder: Naviculineae
                        (a)  Family: Naviculaceae
                        (b) Family: Auriculaceae
                        (c)  Family: Gomphonemaceae
                        (d) Family: Cymbellaceae
                        (e)  Family: Epithemiaceae
                        (f)   Family: Bacillariaceae
                    (10)  Suborder: Surirellineae
                        (a)  Family: Surirellaceae
                ii) Order: Centrales
                    (1) Suborder: Coscinodiscineae
                        (a)  Family: Melosiraceaefound at
                        (b) Family: Thalassiosiraceae
                        (c)  Family: Coscinodiscaceae
                        (d) Family: Asterolampraceae
                        (e)  Family: Heliopeltaceae
                        (f)   Family: Strictodicaceae
                        (g)  Family: Hemidiscaceae
                    (2) Suborder: Rhizosoleniineae
                        (a)  Family: Pyxillaxeae
                        (b) Family: Rhizosoleniaceae
                        (c)  Family: Chaetoceraceae
                    (3) Suborder: Bidulphiineae
                        (a)  Family: Hemiaulaceae
                        (b) Family: Biddulphiaceae
                        (c)  Family: Eupodiscaceae
(This is an incomplete list of the orders and families.)


used with persmision fom Greg Sandland; Obtained form D2L protist suplement file.

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