"Where do zebra spiders call home?"   
    Zebra spiders are found across Great Britain, Europe, North America, and are found throughout the Holarctic. The Holarctic ecozone refers to the habitats found throughout the northern continents of the world as a whole.


"What other organisms are found in this distributions?"

    A variety of animal species are distributed across continents, throughout much of the Holarctic ecozone. Some of these include the brown bear, grey wolf, red fox, wolverine, moose, caribou, and common raven.

"What ecological areas do the zebra spiders like?"

    They often live near or within human settlements. Commonly found anywhere the sun is shining: especially in gardens, on rocks, stones, flowers, plant foliage, and grass, and occasionally on trees. They are often found on vertical surfaces such as: walls, fences, decks, patios, and doorways. At night or during rainfall, they hides in dry spots. Now that you know where zebra spiders like to live, learn about their anatomy that accompanies them in these environments.


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