Fun Facts About Spring Peepers

  • Residents of the southern states feel that the name "spring peeper" does not fit the frog well because of the fact that in the south the peeper begins singing as early as November all the way through Christmas. Many people feel that the chorus frog should be called "winter peeper" instead. The northern spring peeper sings from March to June which makes "spring" peeper a more suitable name for them.
  • Pseudacris  means "false locust" because their calls sound like insect calls. Crucifer means "cross" which stands for the X-like shape on their backs.
  • There are some smaller male frogs called "satellite males", who like to take another male's woman and territory.  They get in a crouched position and hide in the grass. When the male leaves his territory he mates with his lady peeper and claims his home as his own and then starts calling for other females.
  • Spring peepers spend their winters on land, and they can be frozen solid for three days and survive!
  • The order Anura has 3,450 families that live all around the world except in polar zones.

  • When many peepers are peeping all at once, it is hard for a predator to find any one peeper.

  • Many people record the peepers sounds and sell their "music".

To find more great information about spring peepers try these site! Animal Diversity Web , National Geographic and Spring Peeper.


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