The spring peeper is found as far north as Canada and all  throughout the eastern part of the United States all the way to the pan handle of Florida. It has also been found in Cuba as well.

It can be found living in forests, non-wooded lowlands located by swamps and ponds, and also in marshy wooded areas. It mainly lives on the ground or hides in piles of leaves. It does not live in trees but is an especially good climber. They like to breed in fresh water ponds and pools where there are no fish. The prefer temporary ponds that dry up after the tadpoles have transformed into adults. Spring peepers can also be found living in caves in the late summer because they like high humidity.

Spring peepers season is from April to May in the northern states and November- December in southern states. They usually don't travel more than 130 feet away from their niches each day.

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