What do they eat?

Spring peepers are insectivores that feed on beetles, ants, flies, spiders and many other organisms as well. They choose the prey more on what's available than what they prefer in taste. Peepers do not climb high in trees to find their food. They stay on the ground and hunt in the vegetation.

Digestive System

1. Peepers catch their prey with their sticky tongues and swallow them whole
2. They have teeth in their upper jaw only that they use to chew up food if it's too big
3. Then it goes to the gullet, the opening to the esophagus, then down the esophagus
4. Digestion begins in the stomach, and food is stopped by the pylorus to slow down the process
5. Next into the intestine
6. The colon stores undigested food and absorbs water
7.Then into the cloaca where it receives reproductive products, kidney products, and can absorb water from the environment

 Accessory organs

  • Liver- stores glycogen (sugar) and produces bile which is stored in the gall bladder

  • Pancreas- makes digestive enzymes

Excretory System

  • Kidney- release nitrogenous waste products and keeps salt and water balanced through out the body

  • Carbon dioxide- released through the skin

 Respiratory System
-three ways to retrieve oxygen

  • The skin- "cutaneous breathing" takes place when at rest

  • The mouth- "buccal breathing" takes place when active

  • The lungs- "pulmonary breathing" takes place when active

Circulatory System

  • Closed circulatory system 

  • Three chambered heart

  •  2 atria, 1 ventricle





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