Facts that might make you... (gulp) croak!

Image of American Bullfrog, credit to Gary Nafis and CaliforniaHerpes.com

Male bullfrogs have a much larger tympanum, or eardrum, than females.  The tympanum can be seen as the circle-like structure behind the eye of the bullfrog.  The difference exemplifies the sexual dimorphism between males and females.


The Bullfrog is widely known for its loud mating call, the "jug-o-rum".  If you want to watch a video of a bullfrog calling click here!
If you want to listen to more frog species' calls visit http://www.midwestfrogs.com.


A female bullfrog can lay up to 20,000 eggs at a single time!


The bullfrog breathes via positive pressure breathing.  This means that the frog inhales air through its nostrils, and then closes its mouth and nasal cavity, forcing air to go down through its trachea into the lungs.  When the frog exhales, air is forced out by the lungs because of the compression of the body wall.


Because of their powerful hind legs, bullfrogs can jump as much as 9 times their body length!


The American Bullfrog is the largest species of frog in North America.


Back in 1971, NASA launched two bullfrogs into space to study the effects of weightlessness on organisms!  If you want to purchase an informational video of this experiment, click here.


Bullfrogs are commonly used for... food!  Apparently frog legs taste just like chicken. Does the bullfrog below look appetizing to you?!


Clip Art of bullfrog


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