From Lily Pad to Lily Pad

The American Bullfrog (Rana catesbreiana) resides in mostly freshwater rivers, ponds, lakes, and damp meadows or ditches. They absolutely love quiet and slow moving water environments. The young tadpoles prefer shallow and weedy areas whereas the adults like to rest upon lily pads in deeper water.  If you think you are in a bullfrog habitat, look for some of the following species that it might live with: other species of frogs or toads (American toad), salamanders (tiger salamander or spotted salamander), snakes, small birds, arthropods, and gastropods to name a few!  Bullfrogs tend to hibernate in the late fall and winter by burying themselves in mud or moist soil, so if you really cannot find them you might have to wait until spring arrives.

Image of a bullfrog in its habitat, credit to Tanya Dewey

The bullfrog can be found anywhere from Nova Scotia and northern Michigan all the way down to Florida and Mexico.  Some bullfrogs have even been introduced to Europe and Asia as well.

Map of places in North America that the bullfrog lives, credit to

Below is an example of a bullfrog-friendly habitat.

Image of Bullfrog Habitat, credit to

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