The northern leopard frog can act as both the predator and the prey for other animals.  Their prey includes.  Their prey consists of insects, such as damselflies, but they have been found to eat worms, snails, slugs, and smaller frogs.  Their predators may include bullfrogs, heron, large salamanders, fish, minks, raccoons, skunks, and hawks. 

A more negative interaction the northern leopard frog has is with bacterial infections that have caused massive die-offs not only in this frog, but in others as well.  Along with this there have been some interactions with some parasitic nematodes, such as the Ribeiroia sp.  

The interactions between Rana pipiens and humans have not been positive ones.  Some of the malformations caused the frogs have been due to an increase in pesticides in their habitats from the runoffs of our agriculture.  Some solutions to this issue have been in the works to create some conservations to help protect the frogs and other wildlife that might be affected. 

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