Domain: Prokarya

Anabaena is in the prokarya domain because it has no true nucleus and no membrane bound organelles.

Kingdom: BacteriaImage courtesy of UW-Madison Botany and Mike Clayton

Phylum: Cyanobacteria

This is the phylum of bacteria that acquire their energy through photosynthesis, and are often called the blue-green algae.

Order: Nostocales

Anabaena fall into this category because they have trichomes and lack endospores and exospores.

Family: Nostocaceae

This is the category of blue-green algae that form heterocysts and have unbranched trichomes.

Genus: Anabaena

Image courtesy of Mike Clayton and UW-Madison Botany The Anabaena genus is known for its intercalary heterocysts and isolated or amorphous filaments.


A Strmatolite from early cyanobacteria.



Here are some phylogenetic trees that show where Anabaena fits in with the bacteria, and where it fits in with its own family.






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