Welcome to the Blue-green world of Anabaena!Image courtesy of Mike Clayton and UW-Madison Botany


Welcome to my page all about Anabaena! Anabaena is a blue-green algae that is found all over the world, and has many interesting characteristics to it.  Also, Anabaena is studied in great detail by many members of the scientific community for its ability to fix nitrogen with its heterocysts.  Not only that, but it is also a model for gene differentiation, also through its formation of heterocysts.Image courtesy of UW-Madison Botany and Mike Clayton

Anabaena, and cyanobacteria in general, were some of the first photosynthetic organisms, and were responsible for many of the conditions that made more life on earth possible.  Without the early cyanobacteria we would not have a lot of the oxygen needed for life. 

 In all, there are around 40 common species of Anabaena, including the Image from Wikipedia Commons.aptly named A. wisconsinense, and A. flos-aquae which can be seen off to the side!

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