About the Author and References

Hi, I am Al Towers and I am the author of this website on Anabaena.  I created this site for my BIO 203 class at UW-Lacrosse.  I thought this was an awesome project because it taught all of us how to make web pages, and I learned so much about my organism.  I chose to do Anabaena because I recognized it from our bacteria lab, and thought it would be interesting to learn more about.  Through all my research for this page I learned how important even the smallest of organisms are to our planet, and why Anabaena can teach us so much about all organisms, and how many complex processes work.

If you have any general questions for me, or about the page, don't hesitate to email me at towers.albe@students.uwlax.edu. Or if you want to learn more about Anabaena, check out some of the references below!


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