Phylogeny is the study of organisms and their relationships to each other on an evolutionary basis. Biologists who specialize in this area focus on analyzing DNA, which gives us the most accurate information. They also take into account other factors such as morphology and ontogeny, while molecular DNA evidence has priority over anything in most cases. The phylogenetic trees below will take you through the tree of life to provide you with a better understanding of where P. cubensis is located in the grand scheme of things.

Find the Fung Kingdom in the figure below, which has zoomed in on the Eukaryotic branch to show more detail.


The Fungi Kingdom is split into several different Phyla. Psilocybe cubensis is located within the Basidiomycota Phylum.


This brings us to the Phylum that includes all types of mushrooms. From here, the tree of life divides further into different Classes, Orders, etc, which are further explained in the Classification page.

Now that we understand where P. cubensis is located in the tree of life, we can dive into it's medicinal value, which is on the pharmacology page.

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