Domain               Eukarya
 Organisms classified in the  
 domain Eukarya have true nuclei,
 membrane-bound organelles and
 linear-shaped chromosomes.

 Supergroup    Archaeplastida
 Members of the Archaeplastida
 share the ability to

 Kingdom             Plantae
 The Plantae are all immobile
 organisms with an alternation of

                   These plants are both vascular and have seeds protected by fruits. The alternation of generation
                    in Magnoliophyta plants are sporophyte dominated. A few other examples of members of Magnoliophyta    
                    that have medicinal purposes include: Mentha piperita, Piper nigrum, and Digitalis Purpurea

                   Organisms within the Liliopsida class will typically have parallel veins in leaves, the lack of
                    secondary growth, and floral organs in multiples of three.

                   These plants have coenocarpous gynaecia in the form of three or more united carpels.

Order                  Dioscoreales
 Members of the Dioscoreales order have vines with net-veined leaves. They are also dioecious (unisexual) and have axile placentation.

Family               Dioscoreaceae
 The plants in the Dioscoreaceae family have twining vines that have thick rhizomes. The stems
 have vascular bundles in one or two rings. Fruit in this family are triangular and are either three-winged or flattened.

Genus                  Dioscorea
Organisms in the Dioscorea typically have steroidal sapogenins, or alkaloids. Coats have
                    yellow-brown to red pigments.

The unique features of Dioscera villosa L. have adapted it for specific environments. Find out more about these habitats here.

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