Domain: Prokaryota

Kingdom: Monera
This kingdom includes complex and diverse bacteria. They lack a nuclear membrane and go through cell division via binary fission.

Phylum: Cyanobacteria
This phylum includes photoautotrophic bacteria that utilize photosynthesis but lack chloroplasts. These cells have no flagella.

Class: Cyanophyceae
This class contains unicellular and multicellular algae without a true nucleus or chromatophore. They have no known sexual reproduction. 

Order: Nostocales
This order is characterized by filamentous bacteria with branching.

Family: Oscillatoriaceae
This family includes un-branched cells that show spiral movement. It rotatates along its axis. They have no heterocysts.

Genus: Arthrospira
This genus is multicellular and a long cylinder.

 Species: Arthrospira platensis
This species is classified as spirally coiled with granulated cross-walls.



The picture above shows how A. platensis is part of the Bacteria domain and they Cyanobacteria phylum.


This is a phylogenetic tree of Arthrospira platensis using a claudistic approach.

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