Habitat and Adaptations

The purple passion flower is primarily found in southern U.S.  However it can be found as far north as Illinois (see range map below).

The purple passion flower is found in many environments such as: fields, rocky slopes, smaller wooded areas, and along roads and fences. 

this map is used with the permission of Everwilde Farms, Inc.

It needs a lot of sunlight and well drained soils.  The purple passion flower can be found in fertile soils as well as clay soil. Since it can be found almost anywhere in the Southeast, it is categorized as a wildflower and even a weed to some people!

The purple passion flower is known more of as weed than a wanted flower.  They grow rapidly and tend to take over large areas in short amounts of time.  It can grow to very tall vines (as much as 25 feet!)

 "The plant can take over soon after planting due to its ability to grow via an underground root system.  (Easyliving Wildflowers, 2009)


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