Katlin Hartjes

I am a freshmen at UW-La Crosse studying biomedical biology and pre-physical therapy with a chemistry minor.  At least for the time being.  Some of my hobbies include: music, reading, and sports (I especially love football and NASCAR). 

This is the first webpage that I have ever created and I did so as part of my Biology 203 (organismal biology) class.  This project was also part of another, larger project called multipleorganisms.net.  I chose to do my webpage on the purple passion flower because I found it an interesting, beautiful and unique flower (and I hope you found it to be also!). Some other organisms from the multiple organisms website that also have medicinal purposes include:

Other organisms that have been done in past years of the multipleorganisms.net project include:

--Aloe Vera
--Coffee is said to have some medicinal purposes, though not much is known yet.
--Penicillium chrysogenum  (penicillin)

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