picture taken by me


The spanish flag.  The spanish were the first people to introduce C. papaya to Asia 
Picture courtesy of  Lauren Tucker
To this day it is still uncertain where the exact origin of C. papaya was. Most believe that it originated in Central America including Mexico and Panama. Then the Spanish introduced this  fruit to Asia. Carica papaya grows best in tropical environments and frost or freezing temperatures can be detrimental to this plant. Although it requires a tropical environment, C. papaya is grown commercially all over the world today. The places that are the most successful at commercially growing theses plants include Hawaii, tropical Africa, the Philippines, India,
                                                                             Ceylon, Malaya and Australia.

Many other organisms share this passion for the warm tropical environment some of which include the sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), pomegranates (Punica granatum), and the kiss-me-quick flower (Brunfalsea grandiflora).  These are all plants that thrive in areas with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

Papaya cut in half.  Picture taken by me!

The only state that currently produces C. papaya commercially is Hawaii, although many people can grow it personally in their own gardens with proper care.  Learn all about how this funky plant reproduces and even how to grow your own.  Click here!