About the Author...

Hello there! My name is Brittany Lehrer and this year (2011) I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I graduated from New London High School and I am currently studying to become either a surgeon or a pediatric doctor, but as for now I must first make it through undergraduate school. Here in La Crosse, I have declared biology as my major, with a biomedical concentration, and chemistry as my minor.

I am from Hortonville, Wisconsin, a small town somewhat near Appleton. In my free time I like to play volleyball, run, swim, watch movies, listen to music, and hangout with my family and friends.

For this class, Organismal Biology, we were to create a webpage about a specific organism.  I knew in the beginning that creating a webpage would be no easy feat; however, I didn’t really realize just how much work it would require. This website has not only taught me about the amazing organism Ginkgo biloba, but it has also taught me so much about the internet and all the work it takes to perfect just one page.

Each webpage contributes to greater project at MULTIPLEORGANISMS.NET. The goal for MultipleOrganisms.net is to create a website for every species on the planet. I am contributing one more organism, Ginkgo biloba, to this great goal. After reading my site about Ginkgo biloba, I hope that you have a better understanding of this one-of-a-kind organism. I, as well as my classmates, have been working very hard on this project, so I urge you to check out some of their amazing pages as well. Thank you and ENJOY!

The best way to get a hold of me is through email. Please feel free to email me about questions, comments, or concerns at lehrer.brit@uwlax.edu.

If you have any questions about the greater project at MultipleOrganisms.net, don’t hesitate to email either one of our wonderful professors for Organismal Biology. You can reach Dr. Sandland at sandland.greg@uwlax.edu and Dr. Volk at volk.thom@uwlax.edu. Thank you for reading my website about the fascinating Ginkgo biloba!


** A HUGE thank you goes out to Angela Gutsmiedl for helping me edit my webpage! And also to Sarah Kruse and Rachel Fenske for keeping me grounded throughout all the stressful times while putting it together. Thank you!