The Fight to Survive: Adaptations Evolved

     As species grow and environments change, adaptations to the surroundings are necessary for the survival and success of an organism.
     Achillea millefolium is no exception. When specifically studying this species, many tolerances and adaptations can be noted all evolved in fight for continued existence and to gain an edge on the competition.
      As stated previously, Yarrow prefers rich soil; however, it’s not a necessity. Because of its hearty nature (thick stem cuticle and vast root system), Yarrow has the ability to be successful in nutrient poor, and dried out soil. From alongside the gravel of a country road to sprouting from the rocky hillsides of Western Wisconsin, Yarrow dots the landscape of just about every environment.

     In addition to soil tolerance, Achillea millefolium possess extreme fire and drought resistance. In fact, the average precipitation range stretches from 8 to 60 inches. This gives Yarrow an immense advantage, allowing it to grow in areas that other food competitors cannot hope to inhabit.


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