Achillea Millefolium falls under the following classification categories in accordance to the United States Department of Agriculture’s “Plant DATAbase.”

                                   Domain                          Eukarya
                                      Kingdom                     Plantae
                                         Phylum                    Anthophyta
                                            Class                     Magnoliopsida
                                               Order                 Asterales
                                                  Family             Asteraceae
                                                     Genus          Achillea  
                                                        Species     Achillea millefolium

Domain:  Eukarya --- This domain includes organisms with a true nucleus, containing genetic material, and membrane bound organelles

Kingdom: Plantae --- This Kingdom includes multicellular organisms that have chloroplast and perform photosynthesis to obtain nutrients.   In addition, these organisms have a cell wall made of cellulose and utilize an alternation of generations life cycle.  

Phylum: Anthophyta --- This phylum, also known as Magnoliophyta, consists of plants with a flowering body that produce seeds within an enlarged ovary or fruit. These organisms also have vascular tissue as a means of nutrient transport.

Class: Magnoliopsida --- This class includes seeded plants consisting of an embryo with paired cotyledons and net-veined leaves.

Order: Asterales --- This order includes plants in which the ovary is inferior, flowers are born in involucrate, and it has spiraling flowering heads. When the calyx is present, it is tailored into a set of fruit covers called the pappus.

Family: Asteraceae --- This family includes plants with a flowering head containing a densely packed cluster of many small, individual flowers, also known as florets.

Genus:  Achillea --- This genus acquired its name after the mythical Greek character, Achilles, who reportedly discovered the medicinal wonders of this plant (Thieret, 2001). Therefore, organisms within this genus are known for their medicinal value. (See INTERACTIONS) Additionally, this group includes perennials that are mostly aromatic and, at times, mat-forming herbs of northern temperate regions.

Species: Achillea millefolium --- This species is a perennial that grows from 1 to 3 feet in height. Furthermore, it consists of a long fuzzy stalk with sparse leaves, and white, pink, or purple florets that are made of five ray flowers surrounding numerous miniature disk flowers.

     The scientific name Achillea millefolium can be separated into two separate parts to form the approximate English meaning. As stated previously, Achillea is derived from the mythical Greek character, Achilles; millefolium roughly translates to “thousand-leaved.” 

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