BIO 203


Domain: Eukaryote. This organism contains membrane bound organelles and keeps its DNA contained in a nucleus.

Kingdom: Plantae. This organism has cell walls made of cellulose and produces its energy through photosynthesis.

Division: Magnoliophyta or Anthophyta. Pants in this division reproduce within flowers and protect their seeds with a fruiting body.

Class: Magnoliopsida/Dicotyledons. The seeds of this plant have two embryonic leaves.

Order: Solanaceae . Mostly herbs and shrubs, with perfect flowers (containing both sexes in the same flower), the floral parts come in multiples of four and five.

Family: Convolvulaceae. This is a group of mostly herbs and shrubs. Their flowers are often showy, and almost always bisexual. The leaves are usually simple and often alternate.

Genus: Argyreia. This plant is a woody climber from tropical Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Species: Argreia nervosa. A perennial climbing vine that is native to India, but can be found in various other tropical parts of the world like Africa and Hawaii. Its name comes from Greek argyro meaning silver and nervosa meaning conspicuous veins. Common names are Adhoguda or Vidhara (Sanskrit), Elephant Creeper, Wooly Morning Glory, and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (not to be confused with the Hawaiian Woodrose).



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