BIO 203


Argyreia nervosa is a native of India, and can be found in the states of Assam, Belgaum, and Mysore, as well as the Bengal Plain. However, this plant has spread around the world do to its use as an ornamental garden plant and in some cases has 'escaped' into the wild. Other places A. nervosa can be found in are Malay Peninsula, located in South East Asia, the Polynesian Islands, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, parts of Central America, and Africa.
A. nervosa's preferred habitat would include a tropical/sub-tropical climate with moderately moist, well drained soil, in a protected and sunny area. Some information shows that it is able to germinate well under tree canopies, and in thick grass cover, most likely due to the fact that it is a climbing vine and is able to gain access to sunlight by 'climbing' the surrounding plants.


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