BIO 203


Within this sight you will find information on various aspects of the flowering vine Argyreia nervosa. Argyriea nervosa is a tropical climbing vine native to India, that can grow up to 30 ft. tall. It has bright  pink, trumpet shaped, flowers that are 2 in. across and 6 in. in length, and large leaves (about one foot across) with white down on the underside.

People have used Argyreia nervosa for many years as part of the  practices of traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda, is grown as a garden plant, and some use it as a psychedelic drug similar to Psilocybe cubensis.


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Photographs of A. Nervosa on this site are provided by Andre Benedito. Check out Andre's Flickr page. Other Photos are from Wikipedia commons or diagrams I made using MS Paint/OpenOffice Draw.


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