The pretty pink flower that has the power to heal!


Interesting Facts

Did you know that it takes 2,000 pounds of dried periwinkle leaves to extract just 1 gram of vinblastine from the Madagascar periwinkle?

Did you know that in India, people used to squeeze the fresh juices out of the leaves of the periwinkle, to treat wasp stings?           
                                                                      *Photo courtesy of Forest & Kim Starr.

Did you know that in Puerto Rico a tea infusion of the flowers was commonly used to treat puffy eyes?

Did you know that up until the 1960's the long-term survival rate for childhood leukemia was below 10%? Now, compare that to today, with a long-term survival rate above 90%!! Thank you C. roseus

Did you know that Catharanthus roseus produces more than 70 different alkaloids?

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