The pretty pink flower that has the power to heal!


Where in the world?

Catharanthus roseus, more commonly known as the Periwinkle of Madagascar, is a native species to the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. Madagascar is located off the east coast of Southern Africa.

The Periwinkle is a perennial plant that is very prevalent in areas that are tropical to sub-tropical. However, in areas that are more moderate, the periwinkle is considered an annual, due to the frosty conditions of the fall.  It is also commonly found in the southern parts of the United States in California, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and South and North Carolina.
Periwinkles can be found blooming from early June up until the first freeze of the season sometime during the fall months. Catharanthus roseus, does an excellent job tolerating the hot temperatures of the summer, and is also able to bear the extremes of drought and heavy rainfall. After the periwinkle was introduced to the southern United States, it has now become an ornamental plant grown in flowerbeds, serving as a great boarder plant. The the Rosy Periwinkle can even be found in areas such as India, Australia, Africa and southern Europe where it is grown and cultivated  for its medicinal uses. 

In the specific niche of Madagascar where the Rosy Periwinkle resides, there are an array of other organisms found there as well. Madagascar is a very diverse place, and  is home to some organisms that are found nowhere else in the world! However, the forests of Madagascar are depleting exponentially due to the overuse of resources. Here are a few of the other organisms that are native to the island of the  Madagascar Periwinkle. Aye-Aye, a nocturnal lemur, the ring-tailed lemur, and another plant species, that enjoys the warm humid climate, the moth orchid. 

Not finding Rosy Periwinkles in your backyard, take a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and see the Rosy Periwinkle up-close!

Follow this link to gain a better appreciation for the Indian Island Ocean of Madagascar.

Now, onto the ADAPTATIONS that the Rosy Periwinkle has acquired. 


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