Medicinal Use Of Hoodia gordonii:


For years, the San or Bushmen of the Kalahari have used Hoodia gordonii as an appetite and thirst suppressant. Recently, others have become interested in the plant to manage hunger in order to lose weight. The active ingredient in the plant responsible for the appetite - suppressing effect is a substance known as P57. The P57 is the key ingredient in the weight loss pills that are now available for the general public.

Of course, the San did not have their P57 in tablet form. Hoodia gordonii can be utilized by merely cutting off a small piece of the stem, removing the thorns, and then eating it.


Cultivating this plant is not simple. Special permits and documents need to be acquired before being able to grow Hoodia gordonii in order to make weight loss pills. This plant has caused some major controversy because some people illegally grow is or sell fake pills.


Since the plant has gotten so popular over the years, it is said that Hoodia gordonii is going extinct and will if the cultivation of the plant is not monitored more carefully.