Flowering plant due to the availability of water.

Hoodia gordonii can live between fifteen to twenty years.


The plant does not start to grow any flowers until it is four to six years old.


Flowers do not form unless their conditions are optimal. The plant needs enough water and nutrients for flowers to occur.


The flowers of Hoodia gordonii rely on flies for pollination (read the Interactions page for more information).



The flowers produce what are called seed follicles ( look at "Structures" on the Adaptation page) after one month of producing its flowers. The seed follicles contain seeds that burst open after two or three months. After the follicles burst open, the seeds are then blown around by the wind. These seeds generally germinate in the presence of another plant near by (like xerophytic bushes for example), where the seed can be protected.

Fly on Hoodia gordonii flower.

Flies are the main pollen carries for Hoodia gordonii


 Here is a typical lifecycle for an angiosperm (a flowering plant):