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Hello and welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of the Western Cottonmouth! Through this page you will learn what it truly means to be an amazing organism that has to overcome a terrible and untrue reputation. More importantly, you will learn how snakes, such as this one, are crucial to their environments and that they should not be mercilessly killed because they are there.  I hope you are able to take something away from this website even if it's just the thought "What a cool looking snake!"


No matter where you go in life, there will always been some kind of organism around you and sometimes inside of you.  But luckily for any person, they don't have to worry about there being a snake inside of them, but if you venture into the southern heartland of the United States you may find this snake.  To learn about where you can find such an animal click here.

Also while on this page you will learn about what this snake eats and how it has adapted to feed itself in its home.  Such adaptations include the pits near its nose that allow it to sense the heat coming off organisms (cold blood and warm blooded).  To learn more about the adaptations that the snake uses to catch its prey click here.

Through all of this knowledge seeking you may wonder, what does this snake look like so I can either identify it when I get bitten, which hopefully doesn't happen, or so that I can search it out and say that I found a pit viper on my trip to Georgia (hypothetical).  If so, click here to see more pictures!

While every type of organism has things about it that make it who it is, the cottonmouth is special and interesting, let alone different from other snakes.  I encourage anyone and everyone to check out the interesting things that this snake has to offer the world, so check out the interesting things about the snake! Click here to go!

I don't know about anyone else out there, but reading always seems to make me hungry and when that happens I think to myself, well a guy's got to eat right?  The same thing goes for the Western Cottonmouth, when they get hungry, they need to eat as well.  But the diets of the Western Cottonmouth are just a bit different from that of humans, find out how right here!

Although a snake has to eat, during the months of pregnancy a female cottonmouth will not eat anything as some reports have concluded (in the wild and captivity).  But to get to the point of a pregnant female, is no easy task and can often be violent.  Learn about the reproduction of this snake!

There are so many things on this website that anyone could learn about, please enjoy the page!  Any comments or concerns or questions can be directed at my email on the bottom of the page.  Have one heck of a time!! But if you feel compelled to leave the site please be my guest or if you wish to find out about other students who have constructed websites for your viewing pleasure, please visit


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