Do I have anything that helps me be extra efficient?


   Cordyceps subsessilis is adapted to the environment because it has its anamorph Tolypocladium inflatum.  No, T. inflatum does not have legs so it can walk around and attack any beetle larva that lays in its way, but it is able to have a more efficient way of reproduction.


     As you will find out later by learning more about reproduction, Tolypocladium inflatum reproduces asexually, which means it takes less energy because it does not require the use of meiosis.  You see, when an organism goes through meiosis, it splits a diploid cell in half, creating two haploid cells which then go through the second part of meiosis which is like mitosis where it creates two more daughter cells out of the already formed daughter cells.  This then creates four haploid daughter cells. 


      Now if we look at mitosis, it takes a haploid cell and creates an identical haploid cell just like it.  Although it doesn't produce four daughter cells, it goes through one single process.  This means that it takes less energy to create these two spores.     


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