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Find out what species of Cordyceps you are! 


You won't find this in Cosmo!


Directions:  Answer each question by choosing either a, b, or c.  At the end, each a, b, or c, will be assigned a number, and you will be able to add up your score based on those numbers.  The score will then indicate which species you are. 


1.  Who do you prefer to annoy?


A. Family. You know how it goes.  B.  Friends, I'm just that kind of guy!         C. Other annoying people, they deserve it.


2.  Do you have an alter ego, and if you do, is it a good/helpful alter ego?


A. Yes, no. I am one of the more unknown and easily forgotten alter egos.  Like the Shaggy dog! B.  Yes, yes. Heck, yes!  I am definitely spiderman!  C. No, no.  Why do I need an alter ego? 


3.  How do you describe your social activity?


A. Social fungi!    B. hermit, who are people?     C.  Unknown, what's social activity?


4.  How would the chiropractor describe your posture?


A.  You are not a hunchback, but the chiropractor would suggest you to come back!  B.  You don't really have posture, you are too short to consider it posture.  C.  You have rather a curved look to you, but you're still gorgeous! 


5.  If you could describe yourself as one famous person, who would it be?


A. Yao Ming, because he is so tall and talented!   B.  Albert Einstein, because of his intelligence and wicked hair!  C.  Jamie Lynn Spears, because you are definitely not as popular as your sister, Brittney. 



A's are worth one point, B's are worth 2 points, and C's are worth 3 points.


Total of 5-8.  Congratulations!  You are Cordyceps ophioglossoides!  You parasitize other members of your Kingdom.  You have an anamorph which is like Verticullium.  It is not very well known as it doesn't produce any life-saving chemical as far as we know.  As for ability to be found, you are one of the Cordyceps species which are slightly easier to be found.  In your morphology, you seem to be long, thin, and slightly curvy.  Lastly, you would be like Yao Ming because he is so tall, and you are one of the taller fruiting bodies of your genus. 


Total of 9-11.  Hooray!  You are Cordyceps subsessilis!  You parasitize members of the Scarabaeidae family.  Your anamorph is Tolypocladium inflatum which is a super hero because it produces life-saving chemicals used in organ transplantation.  You are rarely found in nature and it is a big deal when you are.  Unlike C. ophioglossoides you are very short and close to the ground, so posture doesn't really pertain to you.  You pertain to Albert Einstein because of his fluffy hair and your puffy white fruiting body. 


Total of 12-15.  Yippee!  You are Cordyceps paradoxa.  You parasitize cicada nymphs, and if you have ever met a cicada, they are quite annoying.  You do not have an anamorph, and you are not known to be easy to find, but perhaps that is just because you aren't a very sought after organism.  In your morphology, there is a part of you where you are curved.  Its no matter of being a hunchback, but a slight curving is present. You would be Jamie Lynn Spears because you aren't very well known. 



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