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Kendra is on the left    Hi!  my name is Kendra Wells and I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.  As of now, I am a pre-veterinary major.  So far, I want to work with both large and small animals due to the fact that I live in such a rural area so I have had some large animal experience already.  I also have some experience on my boyfriend's farm of 400 head of cattle.  I really enjoy learning about everything on the farm and working with the animals present.


      I come from Frederic, Wisconsin,  a small town in the northwestern part of the state.  I graduated with a class of 44 and there are only about 1200 people residing there. I live with my mom, dad, my two younger sisters, and two boisterous dogs.  To keep me busy, I work at our local Subway and did a lot of outdoor activities.  Since it's such a rural town there is a lot of beautiful nature.  So walks, bike rides, and even ATV rides were a huge part of my life.    

      Now that I have said what I like to do at home, I will talk about what I do here at school.  No, I don't just study all the time, but I do participate in other activities as well.  This year, I joined the Residence Hall Association Council (RHAC) as the At-large East representative.  In this position I represented the whole east side of campus in a council that meets to discuss problems and other activities going on inside the halls.  I am also a part of New Student Orientation (NSO) where I get to help plan and run Welcome Week here at UW La Crosse. Also, I am a member of the pre-vet club where we do numerous things that help us learn about the profession we want to go into and tips on how to get into vet school. 


     Also, with the very little free time that I have, I like to volunteer.  There are so many awesome opportunities to volunteer for here in La Crosse.  Some things that I have participated in would be the Myrick Marsh Enchanted Forest and the NCAA National Wrestling Championships. Besides volunteering, La Crosse is such a beautiful place that you can find entertainment just by taking a walk down the river or by taking a hike up the bluff, as well as going for a run or bike ride through Myrick Marsh. 


     As of now, I am not sure about what I want to do next year.  For sure, I do want to take one of Dr. Volk's medical mycology classes and continue to learn about the amazing world of fungi and how they improve our lives everyday. 


     I am a part of the Organismal Biology class of spring 2011.  If you would like to contact me please email me at:  I am happy to answer any questions, otherwise you can email my advisor, Dr. Sandland, at


     I decided to make this web page about Cordyceps subsessilis because it was a very interesting organism, and I thought that I would challenge myself by choosing a fungus that not many people (including myself) know about.  I am happy that I did it, but let me tell you, it was a project.   


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