Well organized vascular tissue (xylem and phloem) carry water and nutrients to the far reaches of the plant like blood vesicles in our body. This allows Cannabis plants to grow to a height exceeding  ten feet!
Cannabis plants are generally dioecious, meaning they have separate male and female plants. If a plant only produces the sex cells of one gender, it cannot self fertilize unlike the common blue violet  and roses that will occasionally self pollinate. This is beneficial for two reasons. It allows the species to create massive amounts of genetic diversity. The offspring produced may have a better chance of survival in changing environments and habitats.

Male pollen is carried by the wind to fertilize the females. This allows the plants a great range of freedom because no other organism is needed to carry the pollen, such as a honey bee.

Female Cannabis plants produce a resin that male pollen sticks to. This is extremely beneficial to the plant because they are pollinated by the wind carrying individual pollen grains.  This resin is especially abundant on the flowers where the female reproductive organs are found. This is so the pollen that makes contact with the plant will stick to its flowers.

Marijuana grown for medical consumption is a hybrid between two closely related species of cannabis, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica.  This new hybridization of the two species allows the plant to have a greater ratio of flowers to height.

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