About me

My name is Spencer Williams, and I am currently attending University of Wiscons-La Crosse. I am studying to one day enter the biotech industry. As of now, I am majoring in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry with a minor in Chemistry. I love science, at times too much, past the point of being healthy according to my friends. When I’m not hunched over a textbook or a microscope, you could find me throwing pots on the pottery wheel, banging on a guitar, or violating traffic laws on my bicycle  in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. 

When I had the option to choose medical marijuana as a website topic I was ecstatic. With all the taboo and potential medical benefits surrounding marijuana, I couldn't think of a more enjoyable organism to research for three months. Through my research I have come to appreciate all the complexities of this plant beyond the legal issues and the effects of THC on our bodies. It was a challenge sorting through all of the less than credible information for my project.

If medical marijuana ever becomes legal under federal law, I could see myself focusing on it in the biotech industry.

I hope this website can be used as a legitimate resource for the public. For all the hours I have poured into this project it would be a waste if it could not aid someone else.

If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at my school email address williams.spen@uwlax.edu