Pleurotus ostreatus grows in temperate biomes globally, especially in North America, Europe, and Asia. Recently, it's even been observed in South America. However...

Commercial CultivationOyster mushrooms grown from sawdust medium

Pleurotus ostreatus is harvested as a delicacy globally from both commercial farms and from hobbyists and as a genus Pleurotus ranks second globally at 25% of world mushroom production behind Agaricus bisporus, the white-button mushroom.

Pleurotus ostreatus has been successfully grown from a variety of substrates including sawdust, newspaper shavings, and even rolls of toilet paper. If you're interested in growing them yourself, kits are available online. I'm not about to endorse any of them myself, but you can google it if interested.

In the Wild...

The pearl oyster mushroom isn't a picky fungi in nature either. Pleurotus ostreatus will grow on a variety of woods including:

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