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Hello, my name is Travis Gallick.  I am currently a sophomore at UW-Lacrosse.  I am pursuing a major in biology with a concentration in bio medical; I also intend for my minor to be in chemistry.  After I obtain my undergraduate degree, I plan to go to grad school in seek of becoming a chiropractor.   I am doing this web page for my organismal biology class.  One of the main reasons I choose Rattus norvegicus was due to its commonness throughout the world.  People can relate to it.  When I get free time, I enjoy almost any physical activities along with hunting, skateboarding, and biking as hobbies.  Along the same lines, I am currently running track at UWL in the events of the 400 M dash, 400 M hurdles, and high jump.  I try to keep myself entertained since I feel like there is always something beneficial that can be completed.


A characteristic that the Rattus norvegicus and I share is were both nocturnal.  For some reason or another, I hardly ever sleep at night but will instead take naps periodically throughout the day.  All in all, I actually enjoyed doing extensive research regarding the brown rat.  It helped be understand interactions between other animals along with relationships.  I thought  this video was comical and informational, so I decided to include it.  Every day life in the perception of a brown rat



I hope you enjoyed learning about the Rattus norvegicus .  If you have any further question, feel free to contact me at



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