Spooky Story

     It is an average Friday night and a group of friends decide to go out to the nearest sports bar for some buffalo wings.  As the enter the restaurant, on friend notices signs promoting a 6 hot wing challenge. However, these are not ordinary hot wings, these are wings covered in a hot sauce made up of pure ghost chilies, one of the hottest chilies on the planet.  Not knowing what the ghost chili was, the group naturally thought this was an easy challenge and signed up.  As the plates of wings arrived, the friends felt confident that they would win the competition's prize, but they did not expect what happened next.  Thousands of people challenge the ghost chili, but many fail. The word Indian name for this chili is bhut jolokia. this literally means demon pepper. This chili is referred to as the ghost chili because its insanely hot spice seems to sneak up on its predators as they eat it. At first the fruit tastes wonderful and full of flavor, but within about one minute, the spice kicks in. With a scoville unit rating at over 1,000,000 the group doesn't stand a chance. As soon as the heat kicks in the friends are instantly clamoring for water (which doesn't help) and milk. Also they have all began to sweat and tear up, along with their sinuses becoming runny. The group fights through the irritating pain for about 30 min before it begins to wear off, but no individual finished more than three wings. The legendary ghost chili has been tormenting thousands of humans for years and it still has its effect today.