Dermatobia hominis


Fun Facts

Fun fact: fun facts are never fun! Never the less enjoy these tidbits of interesting information

Dermatobia hominis is an extremely interesting organism, which I am sure you understand by now. I mean who wouldn’t be interested in a parasitic fly but if you’re not completely convinced (although I know you are, why would you be reading this if not) check out Reproduction. D. hominis is not only notable for its life cycle but also for its economic and health impacts.

- It is estimated that in Brazil alone the economic toll of D. hominis is $250 million per year!

-D. hominis is part of a select handful of organisms uses another organism to carry its eggs. Just wait it gets better, this process occurs when the adult female botfly catches an insect mid-flight and then glues the eggs to the insect.

-The adult D. hominis only lives for a period of 2-19 days. Within that time frame no food is consumed but rather nutrients acquired from the larval stage provide energy. The adult doesn’t even have mouth parts capable for feeding (Bangsgaard, 2000).

-When little was known of the infestation of D. hominis on human skin, an experiment was preformed by placing six larvae on a brave subjects arm and results were recorded (Lane, 1987)

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