Dermatobia hominis


Spooky Story

You awake in the middle of a dark cold night, you are alone in your room with only your thoughts and a gnawing pain in your shoulder. As you rationalize any events that may have caused this pain you hear a faint movement accompanied with that reoccurring pain, could there be a connection? As you fret over the improbability of some "thing" living within your body, let alone being capable of causing this pain- you once again twist and turn in agony and in uncertainty. Uncertainty...

Fortunately due to your new found knowledge of Dermatobis hominis you won't have to worry about the uncertainty of infestation!

Dermatobia hominis fits into the Halloween theme by having a larval stage that lives within another organism feeding on its tissues. This may even occur without the host even knowing this is occurring. D. hominis becomes more spooky in the aspect that the host never comes in contact or even sees the adult fly that gave birth to the parasites within them.