Geography: The Dracula orchid is endemic (a species or taxonomic group that is only found in one particular country or geographic area) to Ecuador in South America. The Dracula orchid can only be found on the sides of the active stratovolcano (also known as a composite volcano) of Mount Pichincha.

Habitat: The Dracula orchid thrives in a mountainous habitat.  The Dracula orchid is an epiphyte. An epiphyte is a plant that uses another plant, usually a tree for its physical support, but does not draw nutrients from it. For more information on the relationships between the Dracula orchid and its ‘host’ please see the interactions page. Because the Dracula orchid’s niche is located on other plants, it does not obtain its nutrients and moisture from the soil. The organism, instead acquires its nutrients and moisture from the air, rain, or potentially debris accumulating around the organism. This is a useful adaptation to have made, given the environment that the organism occupies has a high level of humidity, and limited direct sunlight due to heavy cloud cover in the high altitudes of the mountain. Other examples of organism that use the same mode of nutrient accumulations are liverworts, mosses, ferns and algae.

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