(all the above pictures of property of Victor Fernando R. Ocampo (c) 2012.)    

                                             Pet Jellyfish? Why Not?  
            It’s possible to have a moon jelly for a pet, if you’re interested. Many online websites sell and give great instructions in order to care fore these jellies. Depending on the size and the company you buy it from the price varies from $30 and up. The Moon Jelly is great as a pet because can change colors anywhere from lilac to purple. The usual conditions in order to be sold a moon jellyfish is to have already purchased the Eon Jellyfish system and to be somewhat knowledgeable about the moon jelly themselves to take good care of them. Only recently, can people purchase these jellyfish because of the particular habitat these jellyfish need in order to survive and the food that needs to be provided.

                                                            Halloween Theme
              Here's an interesting fact that you may or may not know about the moon jellyfish, the nematocyst or stinging cells are still effective even after they're dead. (ceoe.udel.edu) It's pretty cool that even after the jelly dies it's body can still protect itself from predators trying to feed on its lifeless body. Pretty creepy. Jellyfishes have always been known to be cryptic and ambiguous probably because its a headless creature; it has the best poker face. Another awesome thing about the moon jellyfish is that it can change colors according to the type of food that it eats. Just think if you were to eat an apple and turn blue. The photos above and below show the different color changes, which are pretty to look at. Wouldn't it be cool if all animals could glow in the dark too? There are a few propositions for experiments to test if this luminescence in these jellyfish could transfer over into another organism simply by ingesting the jellyfish for a long period of time. It's unlikely, but you never know!

     (photo is courtesy of Serena Livingston)